About Us

Here at Weaving Hope our aim is to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults alike!

Boy enjoying stegosaurus toy

Our toys are all bright, fun, Fair Trade and eco-friendly, designed to encourage imaginative and interactive play in young children.  They are also :

  • Unusual, with cute and quirky features that make them great gifts for pre-schoolers
  • Made from cotton woven on traditional wooden handlooms
  • Practical, light to carry (and post) and quiet enough to take on visits to grandparents, playdates, restaurants and holidays
  • Vegan friendly, plastic-free and coloured with non-toxic dyes
  • Machine washable (to 30 degrees), a valuable bonus for toys that will be played with again and again
  • Made by women artisans in Sri Lanka, working within a guaranteed Member of the World Fair Trade Organisation
  • Compliant with current toy safety regulations, as demonstrated by the CE mark